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of the top production companies in hollywood. today it is a winner. how about going forward? abe of america intern died after pulling several all nighters. how many hours some of the junior players are asked to work. charlie gasparino on this story. we will be right back. ♪ mantra? always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as uneected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and meditions. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptom decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarg or painful breasts; problems breathing
. the department of justice is suing the banc of america. as for defrauding investors in connection with the sale of over 850 million in residential mortgage backed securities. reporter: we should point out that bank of america issued a statement, a public release early or late last week, which said that they were about to be sued it was kind of the affirmation of that. the stock is not moving much. what's interesting is the crisis related issues that are now starting to see the governments government stepping up and holding them accountable. we still aven't seen a major figure being held accountable at this time. one thing was i have always kicked myself in the rear for this. >> you know, i was worried about going to washington and my wife didn't want to go there. they were losing circulation and i always kicked myself in the rear end thinking what if i went down there. i spoke with bob woodward yesterday he made one of the best decisions. "the washington post" is still a big newspaper. 500,000 and it's not a powerful institution as it once was. that is the difference when they say that it's po
, verizon, at&t. it's an exciting story. closing bell rings in 50 minutes. america's biggest banks under siege from government investigators. this is not regulation, but investigation. chs it mean for the stature of ceos like jpmorgan's jamie dimo, n, and how concerned should you be if you own the stocks? it could affect them. a fox business exclusive giving assessments of the risks to your portfolio, and he just came out with a note on this. you need to hear what he says in the perception about this. and it seems hedge fund billionaire dan loeb wants to be bff's forever with george clooney after the very public feud over sony and its future. we were on the story from the start. when we come back, the very latest. ♪ with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purche every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why sele for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ m
tripoint homes, making several homes in america, and the stock struggled since the january ipo, no doubt, because of the slow down here. shares of microsoft take off after news of steve balmer leaving in 12 months. live to nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. looking at the stock and his legacy. >> right, his legacy, been with the company for 30 years, liz, at the helm, moved up to the top spot, but under scrutiny as of late because of microsoft, surface tablet was not a huge success, and has now announced a reorganization of the company and is waiting now until he can find a successor to step down from the chief executive role looking internally and externally for the best candidate. the analysts are mixed. some talk about an external candidate bringing in a new climate for the company while others say there's so many great candidates within microsoft. either way, we know that within 12 months, steve balmer will be retiring after over 30 years at the company, he wrote a memo to the employees at microsoft, talking about how much he loves the company, but they are moving in
again america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. our intelligence is focused above all on finding information necessary to protect our people and in many cases protect our allies. it is true, we have significant capabilities. it is also true is we show a restraint that many governments around the world don't even think to do. refuse to show. that includes some of america's most vocal critics. we should not forget the difference between the ability of our government to collect information online under strict guidelines and for narrow purposes and the willingness of some other governments to throw their own citizens in prison for what they say online. let me close with one additional thought. the men and women of our intelligence community work every single day to keep us safe because they love this country and believe in our values. they are patriots, i believe those who have lawfully raised their voices on behalf of privacy and civil liberties are also patriots who love our country and want us to live up to our highest ideals. so this is how we're going to resolve our d
of america failed the standardized brokerage test. it says something about what is going on with wall street. the kids are dumber? what you think? when 30 percent last year in 40% fail this year if you think these numbers are exaggerated but they will not deny the trend. liz: it is exaggerated?@ >> it is probably 309-point 5% but the trend looks like wall street finally after all these years with the financial crisis, the smart guys are not going to wall street but private equity and it says a lot with what is the wing on on wall street. liz: but who wants to pick up to start buying a surge in stock? >> but the recruits. liz: more difficult? >> no. basic stuff that is scary. it is not like construction of a seedy but what is a bond, derivatives, but the increased failure and we called around this is happening bankamerica is so much of the basket case but the stock is up double from last year but talk about assets this is a problem so you can say maybe it is just faint of america but we hear it is goldman sacks they're all complaining the quality of the recruits is getting thin. this is bad i
the government accused bank of america of civil fraud. but pop-up bank of america stock. at the moment for 1451, still well off of annual lows. also down, but really just slightly. nothing pretty dramatic. there we go. just a fraction. did get beaten up a bit today, smacked around after revenue came up short on earnings after the bell yesterday. one reason, concern about this, the box office flop, the lone ranger, which failed to live up to 200 -- actually, dennis kneale just said more than 300 million if you count marketing. it cost a lot of money and only made 86 million. incidentally, johnny depp, right there on the screen, mark waugh burke says they think critics are to blame for the movie's failure. crimea river. critics have existed forever. the critics do not like it. listen, one bad review on broadway when your show closes. let's get right to the floor show. adam shapiro at the stock exchange, traders said the cme and nymex. also joined by portfolio manager neil tennessee. i will begin with our nyse trader looking specifically, at the moment, bob at the cme. what is going on when it com
smith at the america tile -- mother chan tile exchange. chemical weapons used in syria, how does that play into oil? priced in, disruptions in the middle east? >> no, it's something the oil markets are going to be watching closely, adam, and we are hearing that he is confirming that chemical weapons were used over in syria, and this is a big change for the market. they were waiting on this statement for quite some time, and oil prices now back above $106 a barrel, still down on the session because we got weaker than expected economic news on durable goods orders, new home sales last friday, and that's still weighing on the oil market, but there's a huge middle east premium built into the price of crude right now, and, adam, as far as the trade is concerned, there's a note basically saying they have upside potential in crude, but not much. talking about syria here, it is an oil producer, but not a huge oil producer, and the reason why there's a premium in oil because of the concern of the ripple effect that could happen in the middle east and larger producing areas of the middle e
to sprint, verizon, t-mobile. and the first pictures of this duty. and also it will be made in america, made in fort worth. although it is not like those are helping apple all that much. today no cell phone or small -- smart phone is up phone at all. you have a camera with quick you take a photo in two seconds which is kind of cool. the phone is a sleepy twisted. the viewfinder pops up. touch anywhere on the screen and it takes a photo. 10 million pixels. forty-one. it has acted display. instead of your phone blinking, it flashes icons on the home screen to let you know. it will prioritize notifications suggested price $200. $50 extra. now some numbers. understand just how fast this self on market moves. if you slip and all your dead. motorola's share used to be a world beating company. the share of that business now is less than 1%. samsung, 30 percent, apple 13. let cannolis. motorola, less than 1%. i think that little sign might be turned the wrong way. and since the page 12 and a half billion for motorola, close that deal in may of 2012. i just counted in the company has run operatin
some notes from green capital. coach talked about soft sales here in north america for the handbag. walmart and macy's both noticed higher payroll taxes. fewer people walking to the store. same-store sales at macy's saw the first alkaline in nearly four years. they are really under some pressure. when people do have some money, they are running for home improvement and cars. charles: i have to agree with you. people have simply run out of money. most people prefer to use their debit cards and live within their means. we all know that the housing market is rebounding. how much would you pay for the narrowest house in new york city? >> we have the answer. $3.25 million. this man had in townhouse only 8 feet 4 inches wide. it is just 900 inches of rome. there is a secret garden outside. this house was built around 1850. the current owners initially wanted 4 billion. it is absolutely amazing. i would look like a penguin and a bird cage if i lived in that house. the high-end carmakers targeting buyers in their late 30s and 40s. bmw gives us a sneak peek. we find our own adam shapiro at
. >> reporter: america macabre and gold. what is interesting about the trade today, we see gold for december delivery settling about $28. 1,361 or thereabouts. the physical market, the delivery there is really tight. it big asian demand, but what we want to return to is what is going on with the paper trades in the exchange-rate as products in gold, down about $58 billion so far this year. it has been on a rocket ride since december 2008. then it went up 71,894 in july and august of 2011. that starts coming back down this year. the cftc was really clear that the commodities futures trading commission has data on the long positions, the bullish bets on gold. they sort of mirror what is going on with a hedge fund guys. the bullish bets for the long positions have been cut by 70%. that is a big number. 70 percent cut again in the futures and options on the net loss position in gold futures delivery. want to give you one final newsbreak. breaking news coming out. forbes magazine is telling the math on john paulson potential hedge fund losses, they are telling $740 million is what forbes magazine
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reported that trading in a a.m. the, atlantic america corp has very slowly but surely begun. very small takes. trading volume. >> on the nasdaq. liz: correct. that is what we're talking about. a a.m. he is what is trading. it is certainly not an intel corporation cool, but all other securities, were still waiting for most of them. 3:25 p.m. >> i would say this, there are two stories here. obviously this ever security story. if this was some sort of hacker, a big problem. there's the other security that the sec will not address, the other story which is that our markets are convoluted. nasdaq traded stocks are trading elsewhere. we don't know exactly what those prices are. it's going on as we speak. that's why these traders, most of them could not care less about the average investor, are very call right now. the average investor who does not know exactly what they're getting, at what price. liz: let's get a trader down at the new york stock exchange. a real live one, not electronic. >> and one that does care about individual investors. >> please go ahead. >> clearly the technology glitc
in a different matter as a result gains on this. adam: i know we will be talking about bank of america and financials later on. i want to point out they are up when others are getting paul dalby at any installation for many of the traders why they are doing well? nicole: worth taking a look at the dow jones industrials are down triple digits. 45th day in a row here, the sixth day i believe it is. we have not seen that for 2013 at all selling one day after another. liz: we lost the gains that we got after the losses we saw on the fed minutes report. that of course is from the july meeting. thousands on intraday charts to the lower right of the screen. we will flip through all of them but as the bells ring on wall street, the wall street got crumbled on the stock market. dow jones industrials are than 18 points, at a loss of about 103. triple digit loss under 1%. losing half a percent, russell 2000 getting hammered to the tune of three quarters of a percent. the front page headlines come existing home sales jumping to the highest level in more than three years in july. national associati
's profitability here in north america and stabilization in europe. they also had that it could lead to an upgrade for general motors in the next 24 months. cheryl: we will see you very soon. we are rounding out the month of august, youucannot help but wonder if the markets did not get ahead of themselves. >> i think that is probably right. the trend is still negative. the market set to close down about 2.5%. this is a little bit of a concern with the rise of oil prices that we have seen. my thinking is, you may be able to bounce through the holiday. on average, stocks tend to do well before and after. we will see what we did. we need to make a lot more progress to the upside. the tapering is still lingering. i want to take that over to scott at the cme. we have to go back to last year. middle of september, that may be an issue. that could be another market negative. >> right. the market is arguing with itself right now. we have a new fed chair on the horizon. we have obamacare on the horizon. there is a lot that we have to worry about. i think right now we have half the market arguing that the gl
're watching. bank of america, microsoft, united technologies, these are your liger's, but it has been a rough day, down 161 points, and one point we were down 1,401,600 change. on the dow, but again a rough day, where concerned of syria over there. earnings coming out after the bell, the volatility was rising today, the dow and the s&p basically at two-month lows at this point. trading at levels not seen since july 8 at this point. the market very nervous of geopolitical concerns. david: only down 160 points? the bottom line is this looks awful and is awful, but a lot of nervous nelly's out there now. we have somebody coming up saying we already found the bottom. first talk about volatility. as we were talking about a lot of nervousness, a big jump, way up to about 12%. lauren: tough day. a rise of 13.5%. today alone a rise yesterday as well. the fear is back. cheryl: crude is rallying. >lauren: crude went through 109 per barrel. down about two and .5% but every company from the railroad like union pacific and fedex to ch robinson all down, down sharply. david: one commodity in particular, go
firms that have been in the doghouse as the financial crisis. bank of america, the vampire squid. now it's j.p. morgan. but here's the problem. the bigger than these other firms. moorlands to regulate, so have more problems. and the other thing is -- and tell you, you can't really discount this. i've known and. since neither the said gray hair. in know, there was a case to be made that he was just a little too arrogant. i'm not saying he is, but that's what of the people will say. he came out a little too strongly on certain things, that a basically a tax dodd-frank a little too strenuously. when you put all this together he has a big target on the said. in the tell you this, not saying he will resign, but something will happen structurally to that bank. that is the big prediction. when i say structurally. cheryl: they survived it, the splitting of the roles. so far he has survived in the of his critics. >> that's now. they don't have the final say. the regulators have the final say. what of saying is that once this bank if you're an investor. then make a ton of money. they have to pay a
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